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More Good News!!!!

Cooper's Ferry Reports:

NEWS ALERT: "State police: Crime down sharply in Camden"

Dear friends:

We wanted to pass along some good news that just came out: according to the New Jersey State Police, crime has plummeted in Camden over the first nine months of this year, with double-digit percentage drops for murder and violent crime.

"The drop in violent crime is unprecedented and is also part of the other positive indicators in the city, like a growing graduation rate, drop in poverty, and economic development." - Camden County Freeholder Louis Cappelli, Jr., Cherry Hill Courier-Post, October 8, 2018

Overall, violent crime is down by 22.5 percent, with declines of 28.6 percent for murders, 27.1 percent for assaults, 21.1 percent for burglaries, 13.8 percent for sex crimes, and 12.3 percent for robberies.

Camden has seen a remarkable drop in crime since it reformed its police force in 2013, moving from a city-only police force to a county-wide system. Credit for this dramatic turnaround is due to the leaders and officers of the Camden County Police Department and the residents of this great city who are committed to making the city a safer place to live, work, and raise their families.

There's still a lot of work to do to ensure that every neighborhood is safe, but with continued public safety improvements, dramatic gains in school test scores, and large and small companies flourishing, Camden is truly Rising!



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